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Tuesday, 2019-05-21, 10:00 AM
Now when you are ready with the tools its time to get started with game development.

1. You must note that the purpose of 3ds max is to create 3d models and characters, animate them and then export them to Unity. The Purpose of Unity is to design the level, place the objects and render the scene. The scene is then compiled to .exe executable. Unity can also export to other platforms like iOs, Android, PS3, Mac, Flash.

2. You should understand the following process of game development

3.Its time to learn the basics of Unity. Just read this simple tutorial from here 

Now download this book and follow the steps to learn the basics of Unity from 

4.Now when you know the basics of unity and can import models and create a simple level its time to get started creating your own models and characters and animate them. For this purpose we are going to use the 3ds max software. 3ds max is used to generate high quality 3d models and characters. This is a very complicated software  and requires and lot of time to create good models and characters.

To learn the details of how to use this software download the 3ds max bible from this link- 

The best recommended book for learning 3ds max is 'How to cheat in 3ds Max'. It provides easy ways to deal with the software. This book can be purchased as only $99.40 from any store.
5. You can now create your own models. Export them to .fbx, .obj, or any other file format that unity supports. Import them and create a mini game of your own.
ideas. For details on how to import assets to Unity go here 

6. You have created a simple fps game with GUI but now you want to create more advanced game with animated characters and more better scripts and visual effects Then proceed to the advanced tutorial section.

Also visit the Unity Resource store to get wide range of assets, plugins and tutorials for free from here 

You have a lot of time and want to know more of the basics then go to the Unity manual from here 
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