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Tuesday, 2019-05-21, 9:33 AM
First of all before starting the creation you need the following tools. Purchase them or download the cracked version from the links below-

1.Unity - Main software for game development and rendering
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2.3ds max 2010 -The most important software for 3d modelling and animation.

Autodesk 3ds Max, formerly 3D Studio Max, is 3D computer graphics software for making 3D animations, models, and images. It was developed and produced byAutodesk Media and Entertainment. It has modeling capabilities, a flexible pluginarchitecture and can be used on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is frequently used by video game developers, TV commercial studios and architectural visualization studios. It is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization.

In addition to its modeling and animation tools, the latest version of 3ds Max also features shaders (such as ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering), dynamic simulationparticle systemsradiositynormal map creation and rendering, global illumination, a customizable user interface, and its own scripting language.[1]

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Recommended software(These are not compulsory)-

1.Quidam- The software that allows you to create high quality characters with ease and export them to 3ds max for skinning. 

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iClone is a 3D rendering and animation software program that enables users to make 3D animated films. It is notable for being one of the very few animation software (the other two beingMuvizu and Autodesk MotionBuilder) that use a real-time "WYSIWYG" view to let animators see the results of their work immediately, and to play back animations in the viewport. This real-time feature is enabled by using a 3D videogame engine for instant on-screen rendering.[1]

Other functionality includes: full facial and skeletal animation of human and animal figures; lip-syncing;[2] import of standard 3D file types including FBX; a timeline for editing and merging motions; a scripting language for character interaction; application of standard motion-capture files; the ability to control an animated scene in the same manner as playing a videogame; and the import of models from Google 3D Warehouse, among many other features. iClone is also notable for offering users royalty-free usage of all content that they create with the software, even when using Reallusion's own assets library.[3]

Iclone is a realtime 3d movie making software but can also be used to create characters. This .iavatar, and .iprop characters can be exported to to .fbx and .obj by the software called 3dsExchange

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3.Bones Pro- Bones Pro is a very good skinning plugin for 3dsmax used by many companies such as Ubisoft, EA Games etc.
This software is not available as torrent. You need to purchase this software. Just visit www.bonespro.com.

Other Optional softwares-

1.Fl Studio - Software to create high quality music. Remember you must have the basic knowledge of music before using this software.

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When you are ready with the tools go to the 
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